Colombia: Passion, dedication and quality!


Over the last 15-20 years Colombia has become a very powerful country in international sports.

The achievements that our athletes have received are a source of national pride for Colombians.

We are very well known in football, cycling, boxing, athletics, as well as weightlifting.

James Rodrigues, Nairo Quintana, Mariana Pajon, Caterine Ibaguen, Edgar Renteria, Maria Isabel Urrutia, and Oscar Figuero are just a few notable athletes that Colombia has given to the world. 

Since 1932, Colombia has been sending athletes to the Olympic Games. Our first Olympic medal was by Maria Isabel Urrutua in Weightlifting (75kg) in Sydney, Australia. Since then Colombian weightlifters have brought home over 6 Olympic medals and over 1000 International competition medals. And now many others are continuing the tradition utilizing the Colombian weightlifting system to bring the Colombian passion to international podiums.